Steel Mace Training Can Do You Wonders

Ever wondered what miracles steel mace training can do for you? If you are constantly finding yourself in the mercy of time and have more things lined up than you can handle; it is time to loosen up and engage in activities that are both fun and useful. Although every human body is different, there are certain specific and common challenges every woman faces when it comes to fitness.

Having understood the underlying factors, steel mace training has capitalized on the potential of this market (strength training) unfolds. Today, there are many wonders a steel mace can craft for women in Australia and New Zealand and some of these are discussed here.

Eliminate self consciousness and promote confidence

Many women are conscious about the way they look. When your body goes out of shape especially after pregnancy or due to some medical condition, you could find it difficult to handle a group fitness program for the fear of being subjected to ridicule.

You may also find it uncomfortable to exercise with a bunch of strangers with a constant fear lurking in your mind. On the contrary, when you are a part of a homogenous group; a group that mirrors your need and objective and hails from a similar background as you do, you tend to feel more at ease.

This will further help you work together and establish a great social relationship. And when you begin to notice results, you become a lot more confident. This is precisely the reason for steel mace training.

Specific health disorders

Most women are subjected to common health disorders such as Osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. These are both lifestyle and hormone induced. Steel mace training can offer significant health benefits in this respect. Cardiovascular endurance is as a matter of fact, a key element of many or most boot camps. There are many exercises that help to maintain a healthy heart and will eventually reduce your chance of a heart disease. Improving bone density is yet another benefit offered by these boot camps.

Women’s boot camps are for those women who want to manage their time effectively. A single session can offer you the benefit of having done a full body workout. You can even lose up to 600 calories in a session that lasts for a bare 45 to 60 minutes. You may take much longer to get this result with any other form of exercising.

Spartan Race – Australia’s Toughest Obstacle Fitness Race

The Spartan Race is the toughest obstacle race in Australia designed to challenge anyone that is brave enough to take it on. The goal of the race is to challenge runners to the test their endurance and overall physical health every step of the way and at the end give them something to feel proud of. There are many courses you can do to get better at racing, some even have Fitness Australia Cec’s.

Every Spartan race is staggered into four groups allowing entrants to choose the level that their physical ability matches up with. Composed of cross country running paths and at least ten obstacles depending on the level you choose the Spartan Race is intense to say the least.

The Spartan Race – Australia’s Toughest Obstacle Race
One of the most aspects of the Spartan Race is that not only to runners have to cover a handful of kilometers, but in-between they have to climb, crawl, jump, swing, and run through the custom obstacle course.

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You might find yourself scaling a wall or jumping fire at any point the race truly testing every level of your physical ability. Don’t be surprised to find yourself also balancing your way across beams, tossing spears, or even traversing walls. Plus, all Spartan Races take place in extra special locations so there are no simple straight dirt paths. Instead expect to find trails, gulleys, hills, creeks, and sometimes maybe even a kangaroo as you run through the track.

There are four different levels that entrants can register to compete in. The first is the Spartan Sprint which consists of seven kilometers at least 15 obstacles. The second level is the Spartan Super which consists of 14km and at least twenty obstacles. The third level is the Spartan Beast which consists of a very challenging 21km and at least twenty obstacles.

Those who try out the one of the lower levels and feel truly inspired can also tackle the 42K Ultra-Beast which is truly the hardest physical feat most people will ever attempt.

Some obstacles will be a surprise, but there are some obstacles that participants can train for in advance such as the monkey bars, robe climb, balance beam, box jumps, barbed wire crawl, and spear throw. Turn these into personal victories by practicing beforehand. Every obstacle that is failed will come with a penalty of thirty burpees forcing you to push your body even harder and further for the next one. The end is arguably the best part of the Spartan Race where you will have to face off against Spartan Gladiators to reach the finish line!