How To Coach An Effective Group Fitness Kettlebell Workout

The kettlebell is a fantastic tool for coaches and their clients to use in order to save time. Not only does it provide an efficient way of getting work done, but also helps those who don’t have much experience with weight training learn how quickly they can get started!

Running a class is like running your own gym and you get to be in charge! It’s rewarding, especially when the participants know exactly what they need for success.

kettlebell classes are a lot of fun, especially when you run them in your own gym and have people who care about getting strong.

A cast iron powder coated kettlebell is a versatile functional training tool that can be used a thousand different ways.

With the variety of gyms in today’s market, it is not easy for a new trainer to stand out. In order to make their mark and be noticed by potential customers who are always on-the go like you know I am with my busy life style; these trainers need an entrepreneurial spirit when coming up with classes or workshop topics that will keep people interested!

Dangerously Fit Power Bags are a great alternative to the kettlebell, you can perform very similar movements and achieve the same great results.

When men show up to the gym, they’re often not aware that women train there too. They’ll watch in awe as an experienced woman throws around weights with ease and try their best imitation of these movements because society has taught them it’s somehow masculine or competent if you can bench press more than someone else – but what good is having heavier muscles when your body doesn’t know how use them?

When I first started functional training at my local CrossFit facility many years ago- after being wary from entering a “manly” space where everything seemed so martial arts oriented (not exactly portable workout equipment)- one thing became clear: There were way fewer guys here overall!

We all know that kettlebells are a great tool for functional fitness workouts, but what about when you have an exerciser who’s not quite ready? The best way to control their progress is through regressions and progression. In this article I’ll cover both of them so check back soon!

Reversing movements or exercises can help keep beginners from getting too frustrated with intensity level changes when they aren’t used to moving around the weight yet either.

The kettlebell deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do for your bottom half. This versatile move works on everything from grip strength to balance, and it’s even got some cardio benefits! To progress this exercise we recommend double kettle bells or eccentric version which will really challenge those muscles as they contract during their descent–not so much when doing an explosive style like over head squats though because there isn’t enough motion involved at first glance (but trust us…you’ll burn more calories!). Make sure not only are all surrounding joints safe but also check yourself before lifting again just in case anything broke.

I had a difficult time programming the kettlebell workouts when I first started leading functional training classes. The participants all moved at different paces, some needed more coaching while others rushed through them without any instruction from myself or other group members that were also in charge of programming these sessions- creating an unorganized mess!

This problem got worse as we grew our membership and became busier with workshops going on simultaneously outside class hours which made scheduling even harder than before because there was no way for me to stay up-to date about everyone’s schedule who wanted certain days off so they could train during those times.

Steel Mace Training Can Do You Wonders

Ever wondered what miracles steel mace training can do for you? If you are constantly finding yourself in the mercy of time and have more things lined up than you can handle; it is time to loosen up and engage in activities that are both fun and useful. Although every human body is different, there are certain specific and common challenges every woman faces when it comes to fitness.

Having understood the underlying factors, steel mace training has capitalized on the potential of this market (strength training) unfolds. Today, there are many wonders a steel mace can craft for women in Australia and New Zealand and some of these are discussed here.

Eliminate self consciousness and promote confidence

Many women are conscious about the way they look. When your body goes out of shape especially after pregnancy or due to some medical condition, you could find it difficult to handle a group fitness program for the fear of being subjected to ridicule.

You may also find it uncomfortable to exercise with a bunch of strangers with a constant fear lurking in your mind. On the contrary, when you are a part of a homogenous group; a group that mirrors your need and objective and hails from a similar background as you do, you tend to feel more at ease.

This will further help you work together and establish a great social relationship. And when you begin to notice results, you become a lot more confident. This is precisely the reason for steel mace training.

Specific health disorders

Most women are subjected to common health disorders such as Osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. These are both lifestyle and hormone induced. Steel mace training can offer significant health benefits in this respect. Cardiovascular endurance is as a matter of fact, a key element of many or most boot camps. There are many exercises that help to maintain a healthy heart and will eventually reduce your chance of a heart disease. Improving bone density is yet another benefit offered by these boot camps.

Women’s boot camps are for those women who want to manage their time effectively. A single session can offer you the benefit of having done a full body workout. You can even lose up to 600 calories in a session that lasts for a bare 45 to 60 minutes. You may take much longer to get this result with any other form of exercising.

5 Tips To Choosing The Best Sunshine Coast Boot Camp

There are many benefits associated with working out. These benefits can affect a person’s overall health, well being, and mood. While it is clear how working out can be so beneficial, many people still struggle with motivation. It is easy to become bored with standard aerobic, cardio, and weight training exercises. So, signing up for Boot Camp classes can be a fun and rewarding experience.

It is best to search for a boot camp class that offers a trial period. Many people jump into the boot camp lifestyle but quickly realize it is not for them. Sunshine Coast Boot Camp offers an easy alternative to signing up. $1.00 will allow anyone to sign up for a two week trial period of boot camp classes. This two week period will give anyone the information they need to either jump into a healthier and stronger lifestyle or give up and go back to the days of walking on a treadmill.

People who try Sunshine Coast Boot Camp realize they are getting the best of both worlds in a work out. Many boot camp classes offer strength training but Sunshine Coast members will see amazing cardio exercises as well. Boot camp classes are excellent ways to build muscle, but cardio is what burns fat. Burning fat seems to be an important factor to most people so Sunshine Coast Boot Camp has made sure to incorporate aerobics and cardio into their sessions. Check out

Enjoy the Great Outdoors and Meet New Friends at Gold Coast Boot Camp

When searching for a boot camp, it is best to understand that a lifestyle change must be made. Many boot camp type classes promise members unbelievable results. Losing 50 pounds in one month is not a reasonable promise. However, Sunshine Coast Boot Camp guarantees normal results. Members are guaranteed to feel member. Plus, when following the boot camp plan and eating a healthy diet, members are guaranteed to lose weight. Gold Coast does not promise crazy, get thin fast results.

gold coast

Testimonials are excellent ways to see if a boot camp class is good or not. Sunshine Coast Boot Camp has hundreds of reviews from satisfied members. There are many before and after pictures on the site, too. People searching for a boot camp will easily see how Sunshine Coast is different from others. There are hundreds of people who have seen amazing results.


Lastly, a truly great boot camp class will offer ideas on maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. There are many gyms that offer great plans to get the weight off of a person. However, once this weight is off, what happens? Sunshine Coast Boot Camp educates members on what to do to maintain a person’s body once they have reached a certain goal. Although the majority of the population will quickly gain weight back and lose their strong muscle mass after the program, Sunshine Coast Boot Camp guarantees results that will last. Members who take the advice of Sunshine Coast and follow their complete exercise, eating, and maintenance place will definitely enjoy a great, healthy body for many years.

Spartan Race – Australia’s Toughest Obstacle Fitness Race

The Spartan Race is the toughest obstacle race in Australia designed to challenge anyone that is brave enough to take it on. The goal of the race is to challenge runners to the test their endurance and overall physical health every step of the way and at the end give them something to feel proud of. There are many courses you can do to get better at racing, some even have Fitness Australia Cec’s.

Every Spartan race is staggered into four groups allowing entrants to choose the level that their physical ability matches up with. Composed of cross country running paths and at least ten obstacles depending on the level you choose the Spartan Race is intense to say the least.

The Spartan Race – Australia’s Toughest Obstacle Race
One of the most aspects of the Spartan Race is that not only to runners have to cover a handful of kilometers, but in-between they have to climb, crawl, jump, swing, and run through the custom obstacle course.

Visit for more info

You might find yourself scaling a wall or jumping fire at any point the race truly testing every level of your physical ability. Don’t be surprised to find yourself also balancing your way across beams, tossing spears, or even traversing walls. Plus, all Spartan Races take place in extra special locations so there are no simple straight dirt paths. Instead expect to find trails, gulleys, hills, creeks, and sometimes maybe even a kangaroo as you run through the track.

There are four different levels that entrants can register to compete in. The first is the Spartan Sprint which consists of seven kilometers at least 15 obstacles. The second level is the Spartan Super which consists of 14km and at least twenty obstacles. The third level is the Spartan Beast which consists of a very challenging 21km and at least twenty obstacles.

Those who try out the one of the lower levels and feel truly inspired can also tackle the 42K Ultra-Beast which is truly the hardest physical feat most people will ever attempt.

Some obstacles will be a surprise, but there are some obstacles that participants can train for in advance such as the monkey bars, robe climb, balance beam, box jumps, barbed wire crawl, and spear throw. Turn these into personal victories by practicing beforehand. Every obstacle that is failed will come with a penalty of thirty burpees forcing you to push your body even harder and further for the next one. The end is arguably the best part of the Spartan Race where you will have to face off against Spartan Gladiators to reach the finish line!

Is a Kettlebell Certification Worth It?


If you are planning to train as a kettlebell instructor, you would definitely consider the career prospects of this profession. After all enrolling for a quality education, training hard and then getting your certification is not cheap. Add to that practical cost such as traveling expenses or outstation living costs in case you want to enrol at a premier institution located faraway.

However, once you do enrol at kettlebell courses and complete the programme, you will definitely vouch for its worth. If you want to shape yourself as a successful professional kettlebell trainer then you must go for a proper certification course that will equip you with the right education, motivate you to complete the course and help you set realistic goals. And of course the icing on the cake is the community atmosphere you enjoy while training with like-minded classmates.


This is the bedrock on which the future of your career depends.  A trainer with inadequate knowledge may get some clients in the beginning but in the long run your reputation will suffer greatly.

Clients will look up to you for trouble-shooting and this is where knowledge gained at your training will help you portray yourself as a well-informed coach who never skirts issues or lacks information.


Learning all about kettlebell workouts and mastering the different exercises can be physically taxing. The kettlebell is a uniquely shaped apparatus and quite heavy too. Kettlebell workouts are quite different from your regular gym exercise and you really have to slog hard and keep patience if you want to become a top-rated coach. Doing all this on your own or by watching DVDs can become frustrating at times.

Kettlebell courses are conducted by some of the best professionals in the industry who know how to handle regressions, clear your doubts and motivate you to complete the course.

Setting Goals

Enrolling for a certification course helps you become focused and work towards achieving your goals within a deadline. After all if the course is of six months, you know you have to learn all you can within that time.

You become more focused and dedicated and work harder than you would have usually done if you were training informally. Also, you know you get payed substantially to get your certificate so that’s another motivation.

Be Part of the Fitness Community

In the fitness industry, public relation and staying connected with your peers is crucial in building a successful career. Down the years, you will be glad you joined certification kettlebell courses where you interacted with like-minded individuals most of who have now become top-rated coaches and instructors.

Being a part of this community helps you share the latest news, innovations and information on kettlebell training. You can even spread your business further across cities and towns through references from friends you made during your certification course. If you want to train with kettlebells, check out or visit their Cape Town location for more on that.

Increase your Brand Value

And of course a certified coach is always more sought after than someone with informal knowledge. Clients these days are well informed and always insist on enrolling with a trainer who has all the right certifications. Without certification, your career as a kettlebell instructor will not go very far.

Five Tips To Boost Your Online Fitness Business

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a popular strategy for improving the rankings of a website on search engines such as Google so as to attract more natural traffic. It is a simple enough process and provides invaluable results for your ROI if done correctly. Once your website starts ranking well in search engine result pages (SERPs), you can be sure of enjoying a steady stream of business contacts without making any further investment. However, attempting to do SEO on your own may not always yield the desired results as it requires technical knowledge and expertise. Even then; you may try it out with the help of some effective tips.


Focus on Content 

In the online fitness marketing niche, content is the only way of influencing prospective clients and inducing them to do business with you. Through the right content, you must be able to portray your company as a leader or a well-established long-term player in the market with impeccable reputation. The more original, interesting and informative content your site contains, the more likely it is to enjoy a high ranking in SERPs. However, do remember that all content uploaded is well-researched, relevant, updated and error-free.

Tap the Social Media

In today’s interconnected world, the social media has emerged as one of the most effective tools for instant communication across a wide variety of people. In fact, social media is now an excellent platform to promote all your websites and blogs effectively through the use of interesting snippets and content.

You can use the social media to connect with your clients on any issue… launch of a product, inauguration of a new service/store, impending sales and discount offers and so on. The more customers like your content, the more they will share it and this rising popularity will ensure a high ranking for your sites in search engine pages.

Use the Right Keywords 

Keywords are an important component of any successful SEO strategy as they indicate search trends for products and services. Use research tools such as Google Adwords to know more about the most happening keywords pertaining to your nature of business. However, do remember that overuse of keywords is considered spamming…so limit their use to not more than 3% of the entire content for best results. Also, never use more than two or three keywords for a particular article.

Use Images, Tags, Titles and Links 

Titles, tags and images are some of the other important components of your strategy. Always use an inviting but relevant title for each page of your website. The title along with the meta tags must be able to describe succinctly what your website is all about. If uploading images, always remember to indicate them by using ‘Alt text’ as search engines do not read images or recognize them as such. Try and link to well-respected and reputable organizations (both inbound and outbound link) as this will definitely enhance the value of your website.

Analyze and Monitor Regularly 

Do not relax once your website is ready and uploaded. Taking care of the SEO part is only work half done…to see the best results of your efforts you must monitor and analyze your pages regularly. Here too you can use online tracking tools such as Google Analytics or hire an online marketing company to do the job for you.

Benefits of Choosing a Group fitness Workout Over Playing a Sport Regularly

Most sports lovers think that they are getting enough of physical activity to fulfil their metabolic needs. While it’s true that active sports participation is better than no physical action at all there is no sports activity in the world which engages all the muscles of the body. Given a choice it’s definitely more beneficial to choose a Maroubra group fitness over an active sport. Read on to know how a group fitness scores over a sport.

Burn fat more quickly

Some sports like cricket use only the upper and lower limbs during the course of the game. This means that the core muscles are not engaged at all leading to fat deposition in the abdominal and the hip area. If the sportsman does not indulge in active exercises during his sports career, his speed and performance in the sport will dip. It’s necessary to maintain overall fitness of the body in order to maintain proficiency in sport. Exercise at Maroubra beach bootcamp can exist without professional sports however professional sports cannot exist without exercise.

Learn to define muscles

Strength training is important in terms of building up muscular mass in the body. The more percentage of muscles in the body, the faster it is burning up fat. The logic behind this is that muscles require more energy in exerting themselves and so they utilize more number of calories per hour. Muscle s the natural enemy of fat. With the endurance and strength training exercises you go through in Maroubra group fitness its natural that you will gain more muscle mass and lose oodles of fat.

You can increase your blood circulation and hike up our metabolic activity through playing sports but it’s impossible to gain muscle mass without lifting weights or pumping iron.

Maroubra group fitness

Beat the effect of age

If you are regularly playing a competitive sport over a period of sometime then you will notice your performance levels dipping with age. He muscles start drooping, metabolic rate falls, fat starts accumulating and you grow slower as you cross the age of 30. However there is a superfine way in which you can stop the ravages of time.

Enroll in a Maroubra group fitness where there an ideal regimen of cardio vascular activity, muscle building, strength and endurance enhancing and body balance and coordination exercises are practiced. You need a combination of all these exercises to rejuvenate your physique and keep your muscles in top shape. 60% of the country’s top athletes rely on Maroubra beach bootcamp to help bring back their bodies in shape before a major competitive event.

The biology of exercise

Trainers  from Maroubra group fitness say that the best way to understand the physiology of exercise is to understand the science behind it. There are two metabolic pathways of the body; aerobic and anaerobic. There are also 3 kinds of muscle fibers in the body; slow, fast and super fast twitch. Only a fitness activity which utilizes all 3 types of muscle fibers and both metabolic pathways will provide holistic fitness. Bootcamps are one of the few places where holistic fitness is aimed for.

Fitness Boot Camp Sydney: What you need to know

Fitness boot camp centres offer the best outdoor fitness training services that you can ever get anywhere in the world. Many people are always eager to join the training sessions in the fitness boot camp bondi centres without really getting ready for what they are getting into. Here are some of the things one has to keep in Mind when planning to join any of the training camps.

Tough and challenging workout.

Anyone thinking of joining one of the fitness boot camp training centers should be prepared properly, both emotionally and physically since some of the drills you have to go through are so strenuous and tiresome. It might be important to have a complete fitness check up before contemplating to join the training camps. Any injuries will need to be fully treated before joining the training.

Strong team work culture.

Since people train in groups in all the fitness boot camp bondi training centers, anybody with an intention of joining the fitness training camps must be ready to be a team player as group workouts are usually employed in the training centers. It is therefore essential to have qualities of an outgoing individual to enable you get along well with other trainees.

Full disclosure of your health background.

fitness boot camp

Since the workouts in the camps are very physical and involve a lot of energy. It is necessary for anybody joining the fitness boot camp training centers to fully disclose their health background and status so as to enable the trainers to know how to handle them or make a decision whether they are fit enough to join the training sessions or not.

Expect to bring out the best of you and lots of running. Running is a fundamental pillar of the training sessions. Hence you should be prepared to run a lot and prepare yourself accordingly. The training sessions are designed to bring the best out of every trainee hence one should be prepared to be pushed to the limits. This makes the training bear better results and gives the trainees their money’s worth.

Different sites of training. All the drills are done in different exciting sceneries. This incorporates the beauty of nature into the workouts hence making it more interesting, less boring and motivating. This will also make the trainees to look forward to the training sessions. The trainers care more about your health than your wealth. There are several advertisements out there o promising heaven in quick ways to lose weight and become fit but at the end of the day deliver nothing impressive. On the contrary, they end up making you dig deep into your pockets. In fitness boot camp, the trainers will be more worried about your health and fitness other than how much money you can pay.

Trainers motivate and create an intrinsic desire to success in their charges. Even though some of the instructors in fitness boot camp are ex-soldiers, they motivate their trainees rather than command them around. This creates an urge to succeed in the trainees and helps build a strong rapport between the instructors and the participants.
This is very important in making the trainees at ease and without any undue pressure from their trainers encouraging them to give the training their best shot.

Working out in different sites. Working out in different locations is the norm of fitness boot camp bondi training. This is designed to create a sense of renewal in all the trainees. Working out in the same location every day can be very boring and monotonous. Therefore working out in different mostly beautiful sceneries, is always exciting and makes the participants look forward to their daily exercise.

Self motivation. Any person who intends to join the fitness boot camp training camps must be self-motivated. This is necessary since, however much motivational the trainers might be, it will be really difficult for anybody to achieve weight loss and fitness if they don’t have intrinsic motivation. It has been proved before that self driven individuals achieve their goals more easily than those who are pushed.

Have an open Mind to learn. People who go to the training camp with an open Mind ready to learn end up getting more lessons that prove essential in life. These include patience, resilience and the essence of team work.