Benefits of Choosing a Group fitness Workout Over Playing a Sport Regularly

Most sports lovers think that they are getting enough of physical activity to fulfil their metabolic needs. While it’s true that active sports participation is better than no physical action at all there is no sports activity in the world which engages all the muscles of the body. Given a choice it’s definitely more beneficial to choose a Maroubra group fitness over an active sport. Read on to know how a group fitness scores over a sport.

Burn fat more quickly

Some sports like cricket use only the upper and lower limbs during the course of the game. This means that the core muscles are not engaged at all leading to fat deposition in the abdominal and the hip area. If the sportsman does not indulge in active exercises during his sports career, his speed and performance in the sport will dip. It’s necessary to maintain overall fitness of the body in order to maintain proficiency in sport. Exercise at Maroubra beach bootcamp can exist without professional sports however professional sports cannot exist without exercise.

Learn to define muscles

Strength training is important in terms of building up muscular mass in the body. The more percentage of muscles in the body, the faster it is burning up fat. The logic behind this is that muscles require more energy in exerting themselves and so they utilize more number of calories per hour. Muscle s the natural enemy of fat. With the endurance and strength training exercises you go through in Maroubra group fitness its natural that you will gain more muscle mass and lose oodles of fat.

You can increase your blood circulation and hike up our metabolic activity through playing sports but it’s impossible to gain muscle mass without lifting weights or pumping iron.

Maroubra group fitness

Beat the effect of age

If you are regularly playing a competitive sport over a period of sometime then you will notice your performance levels dipping with age. He muscles start drooping, metabolic rate falls, fat starts accumulating and you grow slower as you cross the age of 30. However there is a superfine way in which you can stop the ravages of time.

Enroll in a Maroubra group fitness where there an ideal regimen of cardio vascular activity, muscle building, strength and endurance enhancing and body balance and coordination exercises are practiced. You need a combination of all these exercises to rejuvenate your physique and keep your muscles in top shape. 60% of the country’s top athletes rely on Maroubra beach bootcamp to help bring back their bodies in shape before a major competitive event.

The biology of exercise

Trainers  from Maroubra group fitness say that the best way to understand the physiology of exercise is to understand the science behind it. There are two metabolic pathways of the body; aerobic and anaerobic. There are also 3 kinds of muscle fibers in the body; slow, fast and super fast twitch. Only a fitness activity which utilizes all 3 types of muscle fibers and both metabolic pathways will provide holistic fitness. Bootcamps are one of the few places where holistic fitness is aimed for.