Is a Kettlebell Certification Worth It?


If you are planning to train as a kettlebell instructor, you would definitely consider the career prospects of this profession. After all enrolling for a quality education, training hard and then getting your certification is not cheap. Add to that practical cost such as traveling expenses or outstation living costs in case you want to enrol at a premier institution located faraway.

However, once you do enrol at kettlebell courses and complete the programme, you will definitely vouch for its worth. If you want to shape yourself as a successful professional kettlebell trainer then you must go for a proper certification course that will equip you with the right education, motivate you to complete the course and help you set realistic goals. And of course the icing on the cake is the community atmosphere you enjoy while training with like-minded classmates.


This is the bedrock on which the future of your career depends.  A trainer with inadequate knowledge may get some clients in the beginning but in the long run your reputation will suffer greatly.

Clients will look up to you for trouble-shooting and this is where knowledge gained at your training will help you portray yourself as a well-informed coach who never skirts issues or lacks information.


Learning all about kettlebell workouts and mastering the different exercises can be physically taxing. The kettlebell is a uniquely shaped apparatus and quite heavy too. Kettlebell workouts are quite different from your regular gym exercise and you really have to slog hard and keep patience if you want to become a top-rated coach. Doing all this on your own or by watching DVDs can become frustrating at times.

Kettlebell courses are conducted by some of the best professionals in the industry who know how to handle regressions, clear your doubts and motivate you to complete the course.

Setting Goals

Enrolling for a certification course helps you become focused and work towards achieving your goals within a deadline. After all if the course is of six months, you know you have to learn all you can within that time.

You become more focused and dedicated and work harder than you would have usually done if you were training informally. Also, you know you get payed substantially to get your certificate so that’s another motivation.

Be Part of the Fitness Community

In the fitness industry, public relation and staying connected with your peers is crucial in building a successful career. Down the years, you will be glad you joined certification kettlebell courses where you interacted with like-minded individuals most of who have now become top-rated coaches and instructors.

Being a part of this community helps you share the latest news, innovations and information on kettlebell training. You can even spread your business further across cities and towns through references from friends you made during your certification course. If you want to train with kettlebells, check out or visit their Cape Town location for more on that.

Increase your Brand Value

And of course a certified coach is always more sought after than someone with informal knowledge. Clients these days are well informed and always insist on enrolling with a trainer who has all the right certifications. Without certification, your career as a kettlebell instructor will not go very far.